OS/360 on Hercules: Running the stage 2 sysgen

7. Running the stage 2 sysgen

7.1 A guided tour of the stage 2 deck

The stage 2 deck is made up of eight groups of jobs:

These job numbers will change as the stage 1 input changes, but all eight groups of jobs will be present in a full gen.

7.2 Running the stage 2 deck

The stage 2 jobstream may be run in the same manner as the other jobs. You'll probably want to copy it from pch00d.txt to stage2.jcl first, just to keep things from getting overwritten when you least expect it. I suggest leaving the P1 initiator running while you read the deck in; this will result in the jobs being read in one at a time, then executed before the next one is read in. This process will take several minutes.

7.3 Stage 2 job error handling

None of these jobs are expected to generate complaints. The ZEND step isn't executed if the associated job ends with condition code 0, and is if the condition code is greater than 0 (or 4 for linkedit jobs). Since the ZMSG program referenced in that step doesn't actually exist, it gets an S806 ABEND. This ABEND isn't itself a problem, but it indicates something else that might be. If you receive one of these ABENDs, look over the job's output to determine the reason.

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Last updated 12 February 2003