OS/360 on Hercules: Updates

14. Updates

This is a list of updates to the documentation, scripts, and JCL for generating MVT on Hercules. It begins with the complete overhaul done in February 2003 for production of the turnkey MVT system.

29 April 2005: Aron Eisenpress found an original copy of SYS1.FORTLIB floating around his system. It's now supplied. I've also included Kevin Leonard's latest HASP installation kit, which includes support for TSO functions.

28 April 2005: Kevin Leonard and Gregg Berg finally tracked down the HASP S200 ABEND. The HASPHOOK job has been corrected to prevent this in the future. SMF must be enabled, as well; I'll post updated SMF parms as soon as I get some time.

23 Feb 2003: Changed the MVT system configuration from 16 MB of core to 8 MB. TSO logons get ABENDs if more than 8 MB is specified. Also removed the note about HASP not working; this was not fixed by lowering the amount of core, but I cannot say why it started working.

21 Feb 2003: HASP does not work yet in this system, although others have succeeded in getting it running. SMF was added, but turned off, in order to fix one HASP problem.

10 Feb 2003: Completely overhauled. Many changes have happened to Hercules since this document was last revised in February 2000, and a rewrite was long overdue. In addition, many more resources have become available, including HASP, TSO/TCAM, and several classic modifications tapes. The stage 1 gen has been changed a bit, and configuration files written to work with previous versions of this document will need revision.

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Last updated 29 April 2005