My Animaniacs code, decoded...

The full code, in all its glory, is:

A! JW223 YK++i WK++ DT+++^ P&B+ S&S+ HIP--- KBF--- P+++ I+++ Dpwifadd[s] Tow2 $++++dmvapc Vr++++++j+++t+++m+++{s} IV! T622/65Years S69%35 E5/73/84 H53 PonWinBall XBRomp A36 M

Here's what it means:

A! JW22
I'm an Animaniacs fan. This is version 2.23 of Jonathan Woodward's Animaniacs code.
Yakko Warner: YK++i
I love this character!
I see elements of myself in this character.
Wakko Warner: WK++
I love this character!
Dot Warner: DT+++^
I have written mash notes to this character.
I feel this way about this character's mind.
Pinky and the Brain: P&B+
I'm fond of these characters.
Slappy and Skippy Squirrel: S&S+
I'm fond of these characters.
Hip Hippos: HIP---
I throw anvils at the TV when these characters are on.
The Ka-Boom Family: KF---
I throw anvils at the TV when these characters are on.
Posting frequency to P+++
I am a major force on
How often do you IRC?: I+++
I've been on #towerchapel at least thrice.
What have you done for lately?: Dpwifadd[s]
I have made humorous posts.
I've written a song parody.
I run a Web site.
I've written fan-fiction.
I've attended an Animania event.
I maintain a large document (e.g., the CRG.)
...In the past, I have been:
I run an FTP site. Tower Awards: Tow2
I've received two Tower Awards.
Money spent: $++++dmvapc
I've spent between $1000 and $10,000 on Animaniacs-related stuff. (eek!)
I own all of the CDs.
I own all of the McDonalds toys.
I own all of the videos.
I own more than 10 articles of Animaniacs apparel.
I own a plate or statuette.
I own a production cel.
Voice artists met: Vr++++++j+++t+++m+++{s}
I have met Rob Paulsen, and have six autographs from him.
I have met Jess Harnell, and have three autographs from him.
I have met Tress MacNeille, and have three autographs from her.
I have met Maurice LaMarche, and have three autographs from him.
...In the future, I hope to be:
I have met Sherri Stoner.
Animania IV participant: IV!
I participated in the extravaganza that was Animania IV.
Animaniacs Fan Purity Test score: T622/65Years
My score on the Animaniacs Fan Purity Test is 622.
My score is so high that they'll probably lock me in a water tower for 65 years or so.
SQUIT score: S69%35
I participated in 35 of the 45 SQUIT trivia tests, and got 69% of those questions right.
Favorite Episode: E5/73/84
My favorite episodes are #5, Taming of the Screwy, #73, Hard Day's Warners/Gimme a Break/Please, Please, Please Get a Life Foundation, and #84, Cutie and the Beast/Boo Happens/Noel/Cold Closing #1.
Episode that got me hooked: H53
The episode that got me hooked on Animaniacs is #53, Drive-Insane/Girlfeathers/I'm Cute.
Favorite "Pinky, Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?": PonWinBall
My favorite answer to "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" is "Well, I think so, Brain, but ''Snowball for Windows''?"
Dirtiest line ever: XBRomp
I think the dirtiest line ever in Animaniacs is "My bottom's all sore from romping."
Age: A36
I'm 36 years old.
Sex: M
I'm male.

The full Animaniacs code was written by Jonathan Woodward, of FTP Software, and is now maintained by Bryan "wbwolf" Chaney.
Jay Maynard,