OS/360 on Hercules: Building the driving system

3. Building the driving system

3.1 Installing Hercules

Follow the instructions on installing Hercules on the Hercules Installation and Operation page. Don't worry about the configuration files or creating DASD just yet. We'll do that in a moment.

3.2 Building the MFT IPL volume

The driving system is a small, prebuilt OS/360 MFT system that will fit on a single small disk drive and run on nearly any IBM System/360 or 370 hardware. It has support for the common devices pregenerated at specific device addresses. The idea is to build a Hercules configuration that the supplied MFT starter system can talk to.

The build process is performed by a shell script, makedasd. This script asks for the path to the OS/360 distribution, creates control files for Hercules' dasdload program, then calls it to build the disk images.

The MFT IPL volume is built with the dasdload program. Using the generated sysres.ctl control file, a new disk image file is created and loaded with files from the OS/360 CD, in a format ready to IPL under Hercules. Once you've run makedasd the first time, you can build this volume manually, by doing:
dasdload -z dasdsetup/sysres.ctl dasd/sysres.150
from the os360mvt directory, which you should have created as a subdirectory of your home directory. This creates and loads the disk image, and makes it almost ready for use.

OS/360 IPL volumes need one additional step. The modules in SYS1.SVCLIB read each other directly from disk by using their absolute disk addresses. These must be set up explicitly. Normally, this is done by a program called IEHIOSUP, but we can't run it yet because we don't have a system to run it on. Fortunately, Hercules has an equivalent program that can be run from the command line. makedasd will run it for you, or you can do:
dasdisup dasd/sysres.150

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Last updated 29 April 2005