OS/360 on Hercules: Preparing to build MVT

4. Preparing to build MVT

4.1 Building the MVT DLIB volumes

MVT is built by copying object files and assembling source code from a set of distribution libraries, or DLIBs. Those must be first loaded to disk. A real OS/360 generation was done by reading the DLIBs in from a distribution tape, but we have an easier way to do it: dasdload. The DLIBs take up most of one 3330 volume. After the first makedasd run, you can create this volume with:
dasdload -z dasdsetup/dlib01.ctl dasd/dlib01.351
This will create the disk image file needed.

4.2 Creating the MVT target and work volumes

The MVT system will be built on one 3330 volume. In addition, two work volumes are needed during the build process, one volume will be used to store non-IBM datasets and HASP, and one volume will be used for HASP's spool dataset, SYS1.HASPACE. All of these will be created with dasdload, as well, and loaded with empty datasets, ready for the gen to fill:
dasdload -z dasdsetup/mvtres.ctl dasd/mvtres.350
dasdload -z dasdsetup/work01.ctl dasd/work01.151
dasdload -z dasdsetup/work02.ctl dasd/work02.352
dasdload -z dasdsetup/herc01.ctl dasd/herc01.152
dasdload -z dasdsetup/spool1.ctl dasd/spool1.153
This will create a total of five empty disk image files, ready to be used. makedasd will do these as well.

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Last updated 29 April 2005